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23 October 2011 @ 09:54 pm
Because I can not be stuffed to study for Ancient and Biology as of yet so ... :P
Another 30 day challenge, cept in 1 day! 8D

MUSIC :DCollapse )

End of HSC!!! burning my books!!

Getting a cat ... when I move out -_- Going over to Japan for a one year exchange!!
Moving over to Japan permanently!
Meeting Daito Shunsuke!!

1. People who are AB blooded.
2. Cats.
3. Sadistic people to a certain point entertain me.
4. I love fake people o_o ... sometimes real people. *coughdaitoshunsukecough*
5. Accents.

Because I can:
6. Watching RRcherrypie make fake food... =_= so addictive... and calming.
"Forget about the past, try to get past today, focus on the future."
Too many to list for the dislike, and can't think of anything for the like (:

In other words, I'm a born failure with no good points :P

HSC? Haha, revising for ancient history, modern history and biology at the same time is gunna kill me. Not much motivation either >_<

Kyouyaaaaaaaaaa help meeee D8

Errrr a bit of difficulty. Cause these constantly change for me. And if I push myself too much, it'd end up being a fake laugh.

So, I guess the 5 words/phrases that make me laugh currently are:

1. What a troll! / TROLOLOLOL

2. Mori ..... Mori-senpai... why are you pointing a mori at me? *cheap pun~?*

3. *household item* and Kyouya.

4. Bubbles.

5. Your face.

Esther. mainly our RPG when we'd all bond from all four corners of the world all night long, trolling each other, spamming each other's walls.

Cept all that ended rather badly.

sigh oh well. whats gone is gone.

22 October 2011 @ 10:40 pm
Primary Education and International Studies at UTS (:
double degree, 5 years. 5th year spent overseas in Japan :'D
Only thing that's striving me to actually studying for my hsc right now ....

*is awkwardly blogging instead of studying...*


Living happily in Japan, in my bishes's arms. HAHAHA
*has collected a harem like a crazy idiot through dating games on her DS* 8D